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AL Series Bracket Side Mounting Brackets
Lyle's E-Series Bracket Assembly is the perfect solution for 9-inch street signs!

Over the years, the exclusive Lyle E-Series Bracket Assembly has built a reputation for its strength and durability. This system is the strongest on the market. No wonder it has become the industry leader. It combines easy installation with rugged performance.

  • Rugged and built to last
  • Strength by design allows for longer plates such as street signs with logos
  • Extra heavy parts for extended long life
  • Vandal-resistant hardware
  • Steel plate holders have star holes that allow name plates to be mounted at different angles
  • Plates are notched to provide an interlocking system
  • Square rod prevents name plates from being turned
  • Standard colors for brackets are black and green
  • Easy to install
  • Available for U-Channel and tubular post mounting
  • Available as E250, E450 and E650
  • streetmanstreetman

A clear demonstration of the strength of the E-Series hardware system and its vandal-resistant hardware.

E450 Bracket System

Lyle Signs' E-650 holds six single-faced street name signs. (Shown with 6-in. and 9-in. plates)

Lyle's AL-Series Bracket

The AL-Series Bracket is shown below with six-inch flat double-faced aluminum name plates. Many variations and sizes are available in the AL Series. Components are sold individually. Contact your Lyle Signs representative for information.

  • Post caps fit 2-in or 2.5-in standard pipe, U-Channel posts or square tube
  • 90° center crosspiece ordered separately
  • Plates held in place by set screws
  • AL-Series brackets are available for flat aluminum plates or extruded aluminum blades with set screws
  • Vandal-resistant hardware is available
  • A bolt-through bracket that prevents slippage and makes sign vandal-resistant is also available
  • Other brackets available on a special order basis
  • The AL-Style Bracket is available for round or U-Channel posts
AL Bracket Series Sample

Sign Mounting Brackets

BR-95 BR-7 AL-13 Side Mt Bkt
  • Aluminum bracket for 1 or 2 signs mounting to 2-in.(2-3/8 in. OD) posts
  • Two brackets are needed to mount a sign; sold in pairs with hardware
  • br-95br-95
  • Universal buckle/strap bracket assembly
  • Adjustable; fits 4-in. outside diameter pole and larger
  • Extra banding material available for larger posts
  • Sold in pairs with hardware
  • br-7br-7
  • Holds extruded or flat aluminum blades
  • Add extension to increase the span from 14-1/2 to 29 inches for longer blades
  • al-13al-13

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