Shipping Policy

1.Shipping Terms

All terms are F.O.B. factory unless otherwise noted or quoted in writing.

2.Shipping Carriers

Lyle Signs uses a variety of carriers to deliver your packages. We will use the best carrier available. Depending on the carrier we may be able to ship your packages collect using your account number.

Most common carriers we use are listed below:

  • 2.1.UPS (Ground, 3-Day Select, Blue, Red)
  • 2.2.Federal Express
  • 2.3.CCX
  • 2.4.Lakeville Motor Express
  • 2.5.Yellow Freight
  • 2.6.Midwest Motor Express (MME)

3.Inspect your order upon receipt

Upon receipt of your order, please check all merchandise carefully.

  • 3.1.Check for evidence of damage during transit.
  • 3.2.Check your packing slip.
  • 3.3.Check for hidden damage by promptly opening packages.
  • 3.4.Note damages or discrepancies on the carrier's delivery ticket.

4.Claims for shortages or damages

All claims for shortages or damaged goods must be filed with the delivery carrier within five (5) days after receipt of goods.

Claims for loss or damage or transportation charges must not be deducted from our invoice. If discrepancies are found, note them in writing on all copies of the delivery ticket (make sure you keep a copy for your records) and notify us immediately.

Should you discover any hidden damage after delivery, you should contact the delivering carrier immediately and request an inspection report be completed by the carrier.