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W12 Series


Warning Signs

Warning Signs give motorists fair warning of what lies ahead. Every highway system has danger zones. Curves, intersections, railroad crossings, narrow bridges and no passing zones are all hazards for the motorist -- and these danger zones can be deadly.

Fatal accidents can be the result of inadequately marked hazardous roads. To help advert such tragedies, warning signs must be bright enough for clear visibility under all driving conditions, particularly at night. Sign angularity is critical. It means warning signs must be bright and visible even when misaligned or placed at high angles, on the left side or far off of the roadway.

Our warning signs meet all of these requirements. They are exceptionally bright and visible from wide viewing angles, across long distances and for many years of service.

All Warning Signs are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting in Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade, or Fluorescent Grade on Aluminum or as a Face Only.

View the 2009 MUTCD with Revision 1 & 2 for Warning Signs for more information.

For Temporary Signs view the 2009 MUTCD with Revision 1 & 2 for Temporary Traffic Control.

Sample Warning Signs are Shown Below:

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Low Clearance
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